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 Rules and Info about Revolution

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Rules and Info about Revolution Empty
PostSubject: Rules and Info about Revolution   Rules and Info about Revolution EmptyWed Dec 10, 2008 6:44 pm

Revolution Rules & Info
Leader: EsTygo, (co-leader: Luciferz / Lighterz- currently only active on forums)
2nd in commands: Viagra-plz, -olbap-, Power-punisher, Canadian, Ground-zero

Requirements to join Revo:
*Level 140 (you may apply in advance though)
*Reading and writing english is not a problem for you
*You are not blacklisted in Revo or other guilds

These are the general rules I expect all our members to follow. If you have question about this please contact a second in command, Estygo or myself.

Becoming a member of Revo: To gain full membership of the guild you must be accepted by the members of the guild. For this you must make an application either before you join (preferred) or after you join for trial. The trial will last 4 days from the time you completed application. During this time your membership is uncertain and you may not gain any rights or forum access. If the guild has a negative opinion about you, your membership is cancelled and you have to leave the guild. If positive, you become full member and gain apprentice rank and access to forum (register to this forum in advance).

Being a member of Revo: Now that you joined Revolution you are wearing the guild tag. This guild tag represents Revolution and everything you do (good or bad) will influence the guild. The image of Revolution has been set by many members before you and I want you to be a good example as well.

Respect: I've seen it go wrong many times and we can't stress this enough. If its one thing we hate most in dofus its disrespect for fellow guild members. We are in the same guild and essentially the same family. You treat others like you want to be treated.

Ranks, XP and percs: Once you are a official revo member (rank: apprentice) you get to set your own xp. Once you hit 100k guild xp your rank will change according to your alignment, which are: bonta-guard, neutral-scout and brak-spy. With this rank you will also receive perc- and paddock-rights. You may only place 1 perc and loot your own.
Special rank (protector) will be given if you donate a lot of xp (10m) as a regular member.

Hunts / Dungeons: We strongly encourage guild members to take part in our dungeon sheet (only frigost at the moment). We want Revolution to have hunts and dungeons all the times cause after all we all want new gear if not for fun. Currently there are ranks open for party thrower, if you pick up this task contact Estigo or a second in command.

Truce: There are several truces Revolution has. If you by accident attacked a truced guild, I expect you to leave the fight in a respectful way. There is a topic about allied guilds in this part of the forum. I don't expect you to read it daily or even weekly but once the opposition says they are allied, check that topic and act accordingly if they are.

Perc hunts: We all want some pvp and loot at times. Perc hunts are always fun but can cause obvious wars. If a guild wants a war then they are probably dead set on it and nothing you can do can prevent it. Wars will eventually calm down but I expect you always defend percs whenever you got the time. If you happen to have alts in both revo and the other guild we hope you can be equal fair to both guilds you are in. If we find out you use your position in Revo to spy on perc locations, you will be kicked.

PvP / Headhunt / Agress
Simple few things that i want you to understand:
- Be a good sportsman. You win: gg. You lose: gg! Win or lose with honour.
- You don't gang unnecessary! Unless off course the opponent gangs you.
- And lastly... dont join with your alt from opposite alignement and go teamkilling. This will totally ruin your own image and Revo's

We do take these seriously. As you all know it takes 1 bad member to label the whole guild. If you see a member do this, screen it if you can and pm a sic.
Seems like a lot of rules you cannot do but its basically still common sense and you don't ruin yourself and someone elses reputation!
This will be updated for the coming time

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Rules and Info about Revolution
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