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 Alliance rules and information

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Alliance rules and information Empty
PostSubject: Alliance rules and information   Alliance rules and information EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 3:34 pm

Unity /a chat rules (for now!)

1. Trading is forbidden in alliance chat.
2. No spam in alliance chat.
3. Informing about professions is allowed.
4. Asking for dungeon/hunt groups is allowed aslong as its not a leech request!
5. Respect every alliance member, if there are problems please pm the leader or sic on at the time.
6. At all times speak English in the alliance chat.
7. If you are free to help with KOTH it would be greatly appriciated.
8. Let the strongest players defend the perces/prisms (195+) if you are asked to make a spot for a stronger player please do so.

Have fun and enjoy Unity =D
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Alliance rules and information
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